Top 4 Financial Aid for PMP Certification And How To Get It

Best Guide To Get Financial Aid For PMP With Certificate

If you want to start your career in Project management, the only certification you need is PMP. This certification is much more expensive and could be a financial barrier for some students. If you are one of them and wish to pursue PMP project management for free or partially free with financial aid or scholarships, you are at the right place.

In this article, we will explore how you can find the best financial aid for PMP certification.

Fortunately, there are ways you can get financial aid for PMP certification.

The followings are the scholarships and financial aid for PMP certification.

Google Coursera PMP Financial Aid

Google project management PMP course on Coursera is designed by Google, especially for beginners. This course will effectively level up your project management skills and advance your career.

The content of this course comprises from beginner to advance level. More than that this certification is globally recognizable which will immensely help you find your dream job. Project management tools such as Primavera, Ms. Project Management also has covered in this course.

So that’s the course value you will get.

However, you might think about a way to secure financial aid for enrolling in this PMP course.  

The process is so simple to apply for financial aid in Coursera for Google PMP certification.

Follow the below steps.

Open Coursera on your favorite browser

Search PMP in the Coursera search bar.

You should see the different courses, and select the one you want to take. I will select the course by Google.

Finincial Aid For PMP Project Management

Click on the course, you will see the complete description of the course, which skills you can acquire after completion, and more.

Click on the Financial Aid near to Enroll Button.

Google Finincial Aid For PMP WIth Certificate

To proceed you should have an account on Coursera, click on Continue with Google. Or If you have already an account, Log-in.

Now, select the course you would like to secure financial aid in. As this professional certificate comprises 6 different courses.

PMP course selection for the Finincial Aid

Select the course, and click on Next. After it continues to application.

They will ask for the highest education, annual income, employment status, and genuine reason why you are applying for this financial aid.

Be realistic in answering these questions, don’t mention very low income on which it’s difficult to live, and don’t mention the highest education. Fill out the form.

But how you can write the reason? I personally recommend the ChatGPT or Bard to write it for you. This should be 150 words, in which you should talk about the financial challenges you face and your relevant educational background with PMP.

Below is ChatGPT which gives me an amazing response that has a high chance to get approved.

Finincial Aid FOr PMP Form

Send your application, and they will respond back in 16 days.

Once your application approves, you would have complete access to course content. With this process Coursera also award certificate after successfully passing exams and quizzes.

Eric Norman Fellow PMP Financial Aid Program

The financial aid Eric Norman fellow is special for those who want to pursue a career in project management. This program is created to remember the hard work and dedication of fellows of the project management institute (PMI).

Eric Norman was on the board of directors of PMI and was an important person in its community and this program was named after him.

If you are a student of Master’s or Ph.D. in business management, project management, or any field related to it, then you could be eligible for this financial aid program.

This PMP financial aid program awards $2000 to selected candidates, which helps them in their educational journey and studies. It’s the best way for a PMI to support a student who is dedicated to learning project management but is financially weak.

So, if you are a student and have a dream to pursue an education in project management consider applying for the Eric Norman Fellow program.

Ray Piper Global Project Management Education Scholarship

The Ray Piper Global Project Management Education Scholarship is an anytime golden opportunity for students who hope for a project management career. If you face the challenge to afford the PMP paid, this golden program I for you to start learning project management without fee worries. 

This PMP scholarship program is named in honor of Ray Piper, who was really good at project management. he wanted to help people teach them and become stronger in knowledge.

If you are currently a student of Master’s or Undergrad and like to pursue advanced education in project management PMP, then you should apply for this program. If you selected you will receive an unspecified amount depending on your situation and the statement you send. The amount will cover your living and educational expenses.

GAC Financial Aid for Project Management

Global Accreditation Center (GAC) offers new financial aid for students who want to learn project management and pursue to advance their careers. The GAC financial aid program is made to help students who can not afford expenses for PMP certification. The goal of GAC is to provide high education with financial aid on Projects, Portfolios, and business management to help students.

This organization checks if academic programs are good for teaching project management. they have policies and rules to ensure that project and portfolio management is good.

If you are a student in a program that is approved by GAC, such as in project management or any field relevant to it, you can apply for these scholarships.

Selected students will receive an award of $3000, which will cover the entire educational journey and living costs.

This program is best for PMP financial aid which is for those students who are financially unstable and in relevant fields.


PMP certification is crucial for you if you want to advance your career in the project management field. There are an estimated 470,000+ project management jobs open anytime in the US. Its shows that there is high demand for this field. PMP certificate not only gives you the skill set which is required to secure your dream job but it will strong your resume and profile. Most companies in the US give priority to candidates who are PMP certified with good grades. PMP cost $600 if you are a PMI member, but still this amount you can’t afford. You still have a chance to secure financial aid for PMP and get it with a certificate.

I hope you find this helpful.

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