Scholarships for Georgian Students In 2023-2024

How to get scholarships opportunity as a Georgian student becomes a priority question for those Georgian student who want to pursue their higher education on scholarship base. So here in this article, multiple opportunities of scholarships for Georgian students are explaining in order to facilitate the Georgian students.

Scholarships Available for Georgian Students….

DAAD Scholarship in Germany for Georgian Student- EPIOS

Germany academic exchange program is providing an opportunity for those students   who belong to developing countries. It become best Scholarships for Georgian Students as US is among the developing country.

This scholarship will cover your master/PhD degree as well as you will get opportunity to grow professionally.

DAAD Scholarship benefits For Georgian Students

  1. 934 Euro per month stipend for Master Degree.
  2. 1200 Euro per month stipend for doctorial/PhD.
  3. Residence covered.
  4. Duration of scholarship for Master degree is 12 to 24 months which for doctorial/PhD is 42 months.

Eligibility criteria For DAAD Scholarship

To apply for DAAD scholarship as Georgian students, the following are criteria to eligible for this scholarship.

  1. Bachelor degree for Master program and Master degree for PhD program is required.
  2. Applicant must have 2 year of professional experience.
  3. Applicant must show an interest in development related activities.
  4. After Grant of Scholarship, applicant must do Germen Language course in period of 6 month before getting into the applied course.

If you want to apply for DAAD scholarship in Germany which if for Georgian student – EPIOS.

Then you can apply from here

UEA Scholarship for International development

School of international development is providing an opportunity for international students (Including Georgian Students) to complete their master degree from University of Angila with full time course UK.

Benefits of UEA Scholarship for International development

  1. It provides 19800 Euros.
  2. Free food and accommodation.
  3. Number of scholarships available are 5.

Eligibility Criteria for UEA Scholarship for International Development

The following are the criteria to get UAE international scholarship from Georgian students.

  1. Applicant must have 4 year bachelor degree.
  2. Degree must be international equivalent.
  3. Applicant must secure scholarship from school for international development.
  4. Applicant must submit cover letter about 250 words.

If you are Georgian student and want to get this scholarship, then you should fulfill the above criteria.

If you can fulfill the above criteria then app to this scholarship from here.

FLPRS Scholarship for International Students (AGRTP)

Australian government research training program is offering a fully funded scholarship for international students (including Georgian students) to pursue their master/PhD degree at Flinder University, Australia.

Benefit FLPRS Scholarship for International Students (AGRTP)

The following are the benefits the FLPRS scholarship provide to international students.

  1. Scholarship provide 33,000 dollar per year stipend.
  2. Accommodation for living.
  3. Food and health facility.

Eligibility Criteria FLPRS Scholarship for International Students (AGRTP)

The following is the criteria to get this scholarship.

  1. Applicant must be international student except from Australia and New Zealand.
  2. Applicant must intend to go with research intention.
  3. English proficiency test certificate is required.

If you can fulfill the above criteria of scholarship, you can apply from here.

The last date to apply for this scholarship is 4-Aug-203.

I hope you will find the best international scholarship from above as Georgian student.

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