How To Study Nursing Abroad for Free

Do you consider starting a career in nursing, and want to pursue it abroad to get international experience? It can be your best decision as Nursing is fast growing and rewarding career path in today’s world.

Studying nursing abroad can provide valuable knowledge and career growth, but tuition and living expenses can be hurdles for many students.

Fortunately, there are some options for you to study nursing abroad for free, in this comprehensive guide I will explain them.

I will take you through some scholarships, grants programs, and affordable universities that provide nursing scholarships so you can start studying nursing abroad for free.

The following are some scholarships and grants programs that offer nursing education scholarships for international students.

I will take you to some scholarships, grants, and universities for students who want to study nursing abroad for free.

Nursing Scholarships And Grants For International Students

There are numerous scholarships available for nursing worldwide in highly developing countries. The requirements of scholarships depend upon the organization and the scholarship. The following are some scholarships for those who want to pursue high study nursing abroad for free.

The Nurses Make Differences Scholarships

The nurses make differences scholarship program is for those who have enrolled in one of the undergraduate nursing college or university. This scholarship is provided by Cacade Health Solution which awards $1000 to aspiring nurses annually, who have already enrolled in an undergraduate program.

To avail of this scholarship it’s super quite easily, which is an essay contest on any topic. Topics are different each year in the contest. You have to participate in a contest to write an essay on a given topic to standing out among the other participants.


The requirements for Nurses Make Difference Scholarships are the following.

  1. The applicant must be already enrolled in an undergraduate nursing program at an accredited college or university.
  2. Applicants must have at least 3.0 cumulative average points (CGPA).
  3. Applicant must be US legal resident or have a student visa if from another country. This scholarship is for international nursing students who must have a student visa.
  4. The employee and family of this scholarship provider Cacade Health Solution are not eligible for this scholarship.
  5. The winner of this scholarship will provide a profile photo and short biography, for the purpose to display on the official website.

Application Dead Line

Every year the deadline for applying for this scholarship is 1 August. Afterward, the scholarships will be awarded and announced on 1 September annually to winners. The winner of scholarships will be notified via call or email.

You can apply for this scholarship from any where in world at any anytime.

Apply To nurses make differences scholarship program, fill out the form, and click on submit.

Nursing Scholarships At the University Of Alberta

The University of Alberta is located in Canada, Edmonton. It provides several scholarships to Nursing students worldwide. Through these scholarships, nursing students pursue their high education free from abroad.

Some Nursing scholarships that Alberta university provides are:

Ambassador Award

This ambassador award is only awarded to BSc nursing students based on excellent academics every year. Recipients of high nursing skills and experience must have high accountability and will get preference to receive this scholarship.

Anne Rieder Scholarship

Study Nursing Education Abroad Free

The second scholarship provided by the University of Alberta is Anne Rieder.

Annually this scholarship will be awarded to those who are entering the fourth year of the BSc nursing program, and have excellent academic records and financial needs. This scholarship will be granted only once.

Those who want to represent the Aboriginal community will be given priority to receive this nursing scholarship

IMU Malaysia Scholarship For Nursing

International Medical University in Kuala Lumpur grants fully funded scholarships for the entire nursing degree.

This program covers the entire tuition and application fee for domestic and international nursing students based on academic records. This scholarship is a great opportunity for applicants to start nursing abroad for free.

ACN Scholarships And Grants For Nursing

The Australian College of Nursing scholarship helps nursing students and professionals to be the best by providing scholarships, grants, and awards. The ACN granted scholarships to Master level students who want to pursue high qualifications. The scholarship range from $1,000 to $30,000 for nursing students which covers their tuition and living expenses.

ENA Foundation Scholarship For Nursing

The emergency nurses association foundation’s goal is to provide the best scholarships and research grants in the discipline of emergency nursing.

Emergency nursing is a great opportunity for nursing students to in 2023 for learning and career growth. It specifically provides high-quality content to emergency nursing.

ENA foundation is for students, new nurses, experienced nurses or work outside the US, there will be educational opportunities for everyone with equal rights. If you want to apply for ENA foundation scholarships for emergency nursing. Apply from Here


If you want to study nursing abroad for free, there are several scholarship programs and grants that help students. I have listed several scholarship programs and Universities that provide funding to students who need financial needs and want to pursue a high qualification in a nursing career. You can apply from any where in world to the above scholarship programs, as these are internal scholarships for nursing students.

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